Hampton Roads Success Stories! 

Our main goal here at Hampton Roads Dog Training Virginia Beach is to keep our clients both dog and owner happy and well educated! We take pride in using a program that has been successfully saving dogs from shelters and euthanasia. Give us a call today if you want to be a Hampton Roads Success Story too! 

If you’ve seen similar tendencies in your dog, or if you have a different behavior problem altogether, call Hampton Roads Dog Training Virginia Beach at 757.693.4036 or contact us through the website. We can help!

If you are looking for a great dog trainer that actually knows how to get the job done then look no further! Hampton Roads is a brilliant dog training company who saved us from having to get rid of our dogs because of their sibling aggression. We are so happy for his help and we highly recommend them to anyone who needs help with their dog!!

Tina J.

We had issues with Holly from the start – even has a little puppy she was very timid and fearful then as she grew she became fear aggressive. We knew this behavior could not continue so we found Hampton Roads and we are so happy we did! Thanks to them we have a happy, friendly dog now!

Harold R.

For the most part we had no issues with our girl Rudy, but boy did she hate other dogs. We could not take her anywhere and it was becoming very frustrating because we are such an active family. We met the trainer and we were so thrilled that he could change Rudy’s attitude towards other dogs with a custom plan that would work for everyone involved!! We love Hampton Roads!!

Casey Family

Sarah has totally changed our lives. Last year when we adopted our rescue dog, Max, we were unsure of how to deal with his fear aggression. Although at home with the two of us Max was a loving and sweet dog, when a stranger entered our home, Max became instantly protective and aggressive. After trying several dog trainers, we were disheartened about Max’s ability to overcome his fear aggressiveness. Thank goodness for Sarah! During her very first visit, she connected with Max right away. Through her training of both Max and us, we have been able to over come much of Max’s fear and build a stronger relationship with him. We are so glad that Sarah saw the potential we have seen in Max all along and gave us the tools to help him shine.

Eliza B.