We are a full-service, in-home training company serving the Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach area. Our dog training program has found success when dealing with even the most difficult canine behavior problems, including aggression, housebreaking, separation anxiety, basic obedience, and so much more. We chalk our success up to the fact that we keep our program individualized, commitment-based, and in the home.

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Why Hampton Roads Dog Training?

We offer individualized training programs, that means that our dog training programs will be tailored to your dog’s specific issues and your specific needs. If your dog pulls at the leash, we’ll create a program to fit his temperament with the goal of making your walks together a more peaceful experience. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, we’ll create a program to help your dog feel at ease when alone in your home. No matter the issue(s), after a one to two-hour in-home consultation, we’ll be able to make recommendations that will work especially for you based on our observations.

What is Commitment-Based Training?

When we say our dog training program is commitment-based, we mean we will be there for you no matter how long it takes to get the results you want. If it takes a week, we’re with you for a week. If it takes a year, we’re with you for a year. Does a year-long commitment mean the training is more expensive? Absolutely not. We charge by the job, not by the duration.

Why Sign Up for Professional Dog Training?

Why Sign Up for Professional Dog Training? It is very possible to own a dog and never have to go through formal training. Depending on the temperament and personality of the dog, you may just have to teach it to go to the bathroom outside and to come when called....

Why Dogs Resource Guard

Why Dogs Resource Guard Most dogs, to a certain extent, practice some type of resource guarding. For instance, if your dog hovers over their food bowl around dinner time when your cat strolls by, that is a form of resource guarding. Or perhaps your dog uses their...

Instilling Impulse Control

Instilling Impulse Control When your dog has more impulse control, they become more reliable in any sort of situation or environment. Impulse control is when your dog might have instincts or impulses, but they control them, typically by deferring to their owner’s...

In-home Dog Training Programs in Virginia Beach

It’s important to choose in-home dog training simply because it’s the most effective training method. Board-and-train operations may get results for the trainer, in the kennel. Group training may get results for you, in that environment, during class. But the only way to get guaranteed results that will last throughout your dog’s lifetime is by making sure your pet is handled by the person he spends the most time with, in the environment he spends the most time in, around the behavior catalysts he sees on a daily basis. This is why our training methods have been referred by vets for over 26 years.

To learn more about our specific services, please visit the training programs page.

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