Cribs and Canines 

Dog Training for New Parents in Virginia Beach 

Family is important to us here at Hampton Roads Dog Training. Not only do we want your fur baby to feel secure, but we also want to make sure your (human) children are taken care of. For any dog owner that is looking to becoming a parent in the future, it is a lot of responsibility to bear, which brings a lot of questions and concerns. Dogs and kids are wonderful together, but will YOUR dog cope well when a new baby enters into the pack, abruptly changing your dog’s normal routines and scheduling?

We want to make sure that this major transition for you and your dog goes smoothly, where your new baby comes to the home, and there are no worries about how your dog may or may not behave around the little tyke. This is why we now introduce the Cribs and Canines training program to our Virginia Beach (and beyond) owners/parents! 

Cribs and Canines will show your dog how easy it is to adjust to a new pack member. Through this, we will also show you how to create a happy, consistent environment that your dog can thrive in, both before and after the baby arrives. We will cover the basics, such as teaching your dog calm, relaxed behavior to demonstrate around the baby, but we’ll also go the extra mile by acclimating your dog to real-life situations geared toward the baby (ie: walking well with a stroller, impulse control when the baby is receiving all the attention, etc).

Let's Get Started

We want to make sure you and your family feels safe and are looking forward to a future together with a new baby! If you are an expecting parent, or even a current parent that might be concerned about your dog’s behavior toward/around your child, give us a call immediately! Our offices can be reached at 757.693.4036, or send us an email at! We are ready to hear your story and get your dog started on the right paw with your new baby!