Meet Professional Virginia Beach Dog Trainer

Erin Fee – Head Trainer

From a very young age it was clear that Erin had a special connection with animals. As a young teen, Erin worked her first job working on a farm that catered to rescue animals of all shapes and sizes. Whether it was feeding goats or mucking horse stalls, Erin’s unwavering determination to care for the underdogs was undeniable.

Erin has spent time working with the 4H group, My Eyes For You. This group helped prepare future seeing eye dogs for their life as a service animal. She went on to work at a local dog kennel where she was promptly promoted to a trainer position after the owners saw her natural ability to understand dogs. Erin loves a challenge and excels in working with aggressive and fearful dogs. She believes that there are no bad dogs and strives to unleash the full potential in every dog that she meets.

 Erin finds great pleasure pushing herself to learn new skills. Whether it is teaching basic agility classes, learning scent detection, personal protection work or instructing doggy swimming lessons, Erin is consistently pushing to expand her knowledge of all things canine.

After several years of training dogs, Erin took a break to travel the country. Upon returning home she worked at a grooming salon while she put herself through welding school. However, it did not take long for fate to find her. A chance meeting between a close friend and owner John Van Olden, led to her being offered a position within the company. After completing Canine Trade Group’s rigorous certification program, Erin has become even more of a well rounded dog handler. She continues to expand her knowledge by networking with other trainers and veterinarians that are dedicated to improving the quality of a dog’s life through a commitment based training program.

Erin believes that training doesn’t have to be all work and no play. She believes that at the end of the day, the most important thing is to have fun and build a strong relationship between owner and dog. By using Canine Trade Groups proven scientific based training methods, she is able to meet all of the owner’s concerns and create a confident partnership. Don’t be fooled by Erin’s light hearted approach, she takes her role as a trainer very seriously and works tirelessly to improve the lives of every two legged and four legged being that she meets.

Professional Virginia Beach Dog Trainer