Virginia Beach In-Home Dog Training Programs

What does our in-home training address?

Our in-home dog training program can solve any behavior problem, from pulling on the leash to housebreaking to biting.

Even if your dog has an issue most would consider mild, like leash-pulling, jumping, or barking, it’s best to get some basic obedience training. It makes your life easier and helps to keep your pet calm and secure. Basic training also prevents these problems from escalating into more serious issues.

If your dog has more severe behavior problems like growling, biting, or lunging, Hampton Roads Dog Training can help with that, too. These problems usually develop from a place of fear and anxiety, and we aim to alleviate your pet’s stress by putting you in control and offering them a consistent and structured form of handling.

Rather than aggravate your dog, putting you in control actually puts them at ease. Dogs thrive on structure, and hierarchy is the most important structure in their instinctive minds. By establishing you as the leader, we simplify their lives and yours. By offering a consistent schedule and reliable environment, we help them and you to relax.

In-home training makes the most sense when working to achieve these goals.

Performing the initial consultation in your home allows us to view your dog’s exact problems in the exact context you see them every day. This allows us to better build a program that will work for you.

The training itself also takes place in the home, where you and your pet feel most comfortable, and since you will be doing the majority of the handling, your dog learns to see you as the leader from the very start. You learn as your dog learns, and by the time he’s trained and we step out of the picture, your dog will not have to experience that transition period back to his home or back to his owner that so often allows for relapse.

And we don’t step out of the picture until your dog is fully trained.

You just don’t get this one-on-one attention, this dedication, and these results with group training or by boarding your pet and allowing someone else to train them.

Get Started with Hampton Roads Dog Training

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