Meet Expert Virginia Beach Dog Trainers – Sarah & Pat Burke 

Virginia Beach Dog Trainer, Sarah BurkeSarah Burke, 28 years old, considers herself a Hampton Roads native, having spent the first portion of her life in the area! She moved to North Carolina with her family where she went to high school and college, receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Theater before professionally pursuing her love of animals.

Sarah is certified through the Canine Trade Group school for professional trainers, an exclusive network of the most experienced, successful, and ethical dog trainers in the United States. She has been personally mentored by John Van Olden, who has been working with dogs and dog trainers for 30 years. 

She specializes in behavior modification, especially anxiety and aggression (all forms). Sarah also offers in-home training programs for dogs in need of puppy training, basic obedience, and more! For the past 5 years Sarah has been the owner and head trainer of James River Dog Training in Richmond, VA, now operated by her father, Pat Burke (see bio below).

Sarah is excited to be at the beach, helping the humans of Hampton Roads have better relationships with their dogs!

Virginia Beach Dog Trainer, Pat Burke, an experienced trainer certified through the elite Canine Trade Group dog training school.

Virginia Beach Dog Trainer, Pat BurkePat Burke grew up in the tidewater region of Virginia. Having attended VCU in the early 80s, he has long had a place in his heart for the Richmond area. When given the opportunity to return to Richmond to take over James River Dog Training from his daughter Sarah, he jumped at the chance now he is expanding into Virginia Beach with Hampton Roads Dog Training! He is a sports enthusiast, and is loving being back here surrounded by like minded Redskins and VCU Rams fans. He is certified through the Canine Trade Group school for professional dog trainers. The training protocol he uses has been successfully correcting aggression and anxiety issues in dogs for over two decades!

Pat has been a lifelong lover of dogs. Throughout his entire life, he has never gone longer than two weeks without owning a dog. His understanding of how a dog interacts and becomes part of the family is grounded in personal experience. His dad had also trained dogs while in the military in the 1960s.

Pat’s experience of having been a public school teacher for over twenty years makes him uniquely qualified to teach families how to raise their dogs to be well behaved, successful members of the family. After all, it is the dog owner that gets the majority of the training!

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