Why We Work With Vets 

As a dog trainer in Virginia Beach, I love getting to know and working with local veterinarians. People are often surprised that I have such a close working relationship with vets because they think of veterinarians as being exclusively involved with their dog’s health, but it’s a good idea to keep them abreast of your dog’s behavioral and obedience problems or training as well.

Virginia Beach dog training programs designed to bring harmony to dogs and their owners!Together, vets and dog trainers can work together to ensure your dog stays in tip-top physical and mental shape. Veterinarians know that behavior can impact your dog’s physical well-being and quality of life, and they also understand that having a well-behaved dog will impact your overall quality of life as an owner as well. Similarly, dog trainers know that behavioral problems can impact a dog’s physical health. For example, dogs that don’t behave well on a leash or play well with other dogs might not get enough exercise. Dogs that are aggressive or have other extreme behavioral problems might not receive proper veterinary care or, worse, might end up abandoned at a shelter or put down.

Working to ensure your dog has the best life possible is truly a team effort between an owner, a dog trainer, and a veterinarian. I often find myself working closely with vets to ensure a behavioral problem isn’t caused or exacerbated by a physical problem, such as a weak bladder or chronic pain. Other times, vets will refer a dog to me when a behavioral issue is impacting the dog’s physical health or they know that the owner is frustrated with a behavioral problem. Getting to know my local vet community also helps me to be a good resource for my clients because I can refer them to vets that are a good fit for their location, budget, and any special needs.

Working with vets is an important piece of improving you and your dog’s life. If you are a dog owner with concerns about a behavioral problem, call 800-649-7297 or get in touch via our contact form. If you are a veterinarian or a vet tech interested in learning more about my approach to dog training and programming, please contact me. I would be happy to host a lunch-and-learn for you and your staff!