Why Sign Up for Professional Dog Training?

It is very possible to own a dog and never have to go through formal training. Depending on the temperament and personality of the dog, you may just have to teach it to go to the bathroom outside and to come when called. These dogs are known as “perfect dogs” but the reality is, most dogs will need to get trained for one reason or the other. Whether that is basic obedience, a behavioral issue or for a specific service you want your dog to supply, you should not be hesitant to contact a dog trainer to perform this service. So, when deciding what dog trainer to contact, what are you looking for? Let me tell you why paying for a professional dog trainer will pay off in the long-term compared to the other guys.

dog in training Most people call a dog trainer when a single issue comes up and gets to the point where it is getting worse and worse or it’s at the point where the owner can no longer take it. Any good dog trainer will be able to solve most issues, but most likely this will be a short-term fix. Behavioral issues stem from deep underlying issues that only a highly trained, well experienced professional dog trainer will understand. For example, your dog may be chewing up furniture or going to the bathroom in the house when you are away at work, but what is causing this issue? In this example the dog is showing signs of separation anxiety which can be resolved in a number of ways. Does your dog need to be crate trained to create a “safe place” for them while you are away? Does your dog need more exercise, so he/she rests while you are away? Does your dog need more structure or leadership from you, so he/she knows what is expected of him/her? No dog is the same, which is why a customized plan from a professional dog trainer is necessary.

Furthermore, a professional dog trainer will take the time to educate the owner of their specific dog breed’s tendencies/behaviors, as well as, the core principles of dog training. It is important to understand that certain breeds may need more exercise, be more protective or be more vocal than others just because of their genetic makeup. Compared to having a short-term fix by a non-professional, you will be able to take this comprehensive information and apply it for the rest of your dog owning years.

If you think you and your dog can benefit from professional dog training, then give us a call at 757.693.4036. Hampton Roads Dog Training is in-home, commitment-based dog training program that is customized for your specific dog’s needs.