Training for Aggressive Dogs at Hampton Roads

Canine aggression is easily the most serious canine behavior problem I handle. If a dog bites another dog, the owner will more than likely be held responsible for any resulting vet bills. If a dog bites a person, the owner may be held financially responsible and perhaps even forced to euthanize their beloved family pet.

The very idea of these outcomes is enough to put stress on any dog owner who has noticed aggressive behavior in his or her dog, which may include growling, snarling, snapping and biting. This type of behavior, however, can be fixed, and the first step to fixing it is discovering exactly where the aggression stems from.

Fear is a common cause of aggression. Like any person, dogs experience the fight or flight response when faced with a stressful situation. The trick is, we have to teach dogs what they should and should not be afraid of and how to respond to fear in an appropriate way. Unlike small children, you can’t just tell them “There’s nothing to be afraid of. That’s just a tractor trailer on the highway.” You need another way to communicate with them, and that’s what I provide.

I tailor every training program to fit the individual dog. During an in-home consultation, I evaluate your dog and get to know you and the goals you have for your pet. Through techniques that will include basic obedience training and proper leash handling techniques and may include crate training, place training, a structured schedule, the elimination of roaming, etc., depending on the severity of your dog’s aggression, I communicate boundaries to your dog, and I also make sure you know how to communicate boundaries to your dog.

In order for in-home training to be effective, especially where aggressive dogs are concerned, training must stay consistent between sessions. This means you’ll learn absolutely everything I know about training your dog, and your dog will learn to trust you implicitly.

If you’ve noticed signs of aggression in your dog, for any reason, call me today at 800.649.7297.  I can help you and your dog succeed and live a happy, stress free life together.