Setting The Foundation For a Well Behaved Dog 

While at a dog training seminar we talked about how teaching your dog a solid set of behavioral rules might be the most crucial part of your time spent training your dog. If you’ve just adopted a new part of the family and are looking to begin fundamental obedience training, look no further than Hampton Roads Dog Training Virginia Beach. We work one-on-one to meet with you and your dog and assess the best structure for your individual needs.

Why Do Dogs Need Foundation Training?

Dog Training Virginia Beach programs that can get you the results you wantAll dogs need a basic set of ‘manners’, such as recall (responding to their name), sitting/staying, dropping or leaving objects, and focus training. All of this will prepare you and them for situations outside your home in high-stimulus environments where you may need them to listen to you more than ever despite outside distractions. A dog with a strong obedience foundation will have confidence around new people or dogs and will respect and obey your training commands. This is a long and involved process, and it takes dedication to set this foundation, but these behaviors will last for years to come and will establish trust between you and your dog.

Get Started Today

Give our experts at Hampton Roads Dog Training Virginia Beach a call today at 800.649.7297 to talk about in-home behavior training and the first steps to establishing a good foundation. Our in-person behavioral assessment will guarantee that you get a training program that matches your needs as an owner and works at your pace. A well-trained dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog means a happy owner.