Rosie – Puppy Training Case Study 

Many people don’t realize how beneficial puppy training is. While I admire puppy owners practicing self-reliance, attempting to train on their own, sometimes a professional touch can help, especially if a puppy is exhibiting more than just the typical puppy quirks (ie: indoor accidents, playful nipping, chewing on furniture, etc).

What if aggression is popping up in a puppy’s behavioral patterns? This is something that must be taken seriously, but there’s no need to panic! With a puppy showing signs of aggression, many people are scared that this is just how it’s going to be for the rest of the puppy’s life as he/she ages into adulthood! If anything, people should be more hopeful – a puppy has a clean slate, and even with signs of aggression, there’s a great chance the puppy can learn that this in unacceptable behavior!

It is important the puppy is totally checked up medically with their veterinarian before jumping to training conclusions, especially if aggression is an issue. A few months back, I got a call about a puppy named Rosie. Little Rosie is as cute as a button, but at four months, she was already showing some early symptoms of fear aggression. Her owners were very worried about Rosie’s aggression, especially with her being so young. Her snapping at strangers and her lunging during walks was making them consider whether or not Rosie could stay in the home. 

Aggression is not something to take lightly, but it is not a death sentence either! A puppy or even an adult dog can learn to overcome all forms of aggressive behavior. I won’t beat around the bush and say it’s easy and something that happens over night…it’s certainly not. Still, with consistent reward-based training—where the owner establishes themselves as confident leaders that directs their dogs to rewarding, anxiety-free situations—there can still be hope for an aggressive puppy or dog!

With puppies, I cover the basics, but if there are severe behavioral problems at hand, I am ready to take them on as well! Serious anxiety or aggression is not just limited to mature dogs. Puppies need help too at times…and the help is definitely out there! Rosie is a great example…she has demonstrated much calmer behavior, and her owners are excited for her future, where their home will be her forever home!

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