The Hampton Roads Dog Training Difference – Virginia Beach Dog Trainer

I’m Sarah Burke, and I’m the head trainer here at Hampton Roads Dog Training. I serve the Norfolk, Virginia area, and to introduce myself, I’d like to share with you a little about myself and the in-home training process.

virginia beach dog trainerAs you may have read in my bio, I am a certified trainer through and a member of the Canine Trade Group trainer network. This means, on top of my previous experience with dogs, I took an intensive, 320-hour course involving hands-on training and bookwork to be deemed worthy of certification and promotion.

I use reward-based training techniques, which means I don’t rely on punishment to help train your dog. In fact, I do everything I can to ensure your pet has all the tools he/she needs to make the right choices and succeed before I recommend taking them out amidst distractions and possible triggers that require correction, however gentle.

How do I achieve this?

It all starts with a phone call from you. When you call, we’ll talk over the phone about your specific problems and your training goals. We’ll schedule an in-home, no-obligation consultation during which I’ll observe your pet’s behavior for myself, get to know him/her a bit better, and, based on the information I gather, make training recommendations.

This takes a certain amount of commitment from you.

The actual training also takes place in the home, so your dog learns to respond to you in his normal environment. I’ll show you how to be the leader, how to correctly bond with and handle your dog. I’ll show you how to help your dog successfully grasp obedience training, crate training, proper leash behavior, socialization, housebreaking, and more and you will pass these lessons on to your dog.

Using this in-home method and putting you, the owner, in charge, makes me the invisible middle man. Since your pet never learns to respond to me, he or she will never think they can get away with questioning you.

No matter what breed, size, age, or temperament, I can help your dog become an ideal part of your family instead of a source of constant worry.

Call me today at 800.649.7297 or send me an e-mail through the contact form to get started.