Clive: Hyperactive Dog Case Study 

Hyperactivity is a common problem for dogs, and it is one that can be treated fairly easily! Some will attribute hyperactivity to being part of age, where a young dog is supposed to be somewhat hyperactive. While they may have more energy than a geriatric dog, that doesn’t mean the young dog needs to be acting out. Hyperactivity is a behavioral problem and it can cause issues such as jumping, uncontrollable running, incessant barking, and some excessive and even some destructive behaviors like digging or chewing.

Dog Trainer Virginia Beach blog on how to solve hyperactivity If your dog is hyperactive, it isn’t something you should ignore, whether it’s inconveniencing you personally or not. A dog’s hyperactivity can lead back to some inner anxiety, where the dog is trying to deal with their boredom or nervousness. Many times, a lack of basic obedience plays a role in a dog’s hyperactivity, but it often goes back to a dog suffering through some type of anxiety.

For example, I started working with a dog named Clive the other day. Clive is a breed that LOVES to work and have some sort of “job”. Clive’s owners are fairly active people, but their schedules were often inconsistent. Along with this, Clive had free range of the home, allowed to run amok whenever he felt like it. This was reinforcing some problematic behaviors, such as jumping and barking for attention. Clive was getting out of control, and his anxiety was escalating…he started destroying the backyard, including the fence where he made an escape hole!

In Clive’s case, I saw that the family needed to tighten the schedule for Clive’s exercise routines. They also had to show Clive that he could not rule the home, and that they as owners were the leaders. Clive needed to see his owners were in charge, so along with instilling a schedule and obedience training for Clive, his owners learned how to consistent leaders that knew how to communicate and handle with their beloved dog! In just the first lesson, there was a huge difference in Clive’s response to his owners…he was more alert, responsive to commands, and at the end of the day filled with physical and mental exercise, Clive was exhausted and happy to have done a good job!

Not all dogs are like Clive where they need a ton of physical exercise, but it can help. The important thing as well is to mentally stimulate your dog, as that can eliminate any anxiety from forming. Consistency is required as well, and if you set your dog up for success and show them what your expectations are, then your dog will follow through and not only be obedient and calm, but also happy!

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