Bad Habits – We Can Fix Them!

While working with my friend, another dog trainer, we talked about how some people think hiring a dog trainer is only necessary if the dog has severe behavioral issues like aggression, separation anxiety, leash reactivity, or trouble housebreaking. However, I often get called in to help owners handle dogs that are simply rambunctious and need to learn good manners.

One of my most recent cases focused on helping a dog named Cha Cha curb her bad habits. These included pulling on the leash and jumping on guests and the owner. It was hard for the pair to enjoy walks together because it was always a struggle. Every distraction meant the owner getting dragged along and understandably becoming frustrated. Walks are supposed to be fun. Dog ownership is supposed to be fun. I can help bring that joy back again.

For Cha Cha, it was important to set boundaries. The techniques we employed included basic obedience training, proper leash handling techniques, and place training, to name a few. Basic obedience training is a standard in my in-home training programs because it’s so beneficial. Not only does your dog learn certain commands, you gain confidence, the ability to communicate effectively with your pet, and trust and respect become a staple in your relationship. Your dog learns to focus on you and look to you for leadership, which vital to any training program.

Basic obedience training, along with proper leash handling techniques, also made going for walks much easier. The simple “heel” command, as well as utilizing the proper collar and leash for Cha Cha, worked wonders. Place training helped with Cha Cha’s hyperactive greeting behavior, as it gave her a calm place to retreat to when company arrived.

The change from the moment I met Cha Cha to when the training was complete was tremendous. Cha Cha was a new dog, and her owner was much happier and more relaxed and finally able to enjoy her pet!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and would like to find out exactly how I can help you find this sense of relief, give me a call today at 800.649.7297.