How to Fix Separation Anxiety

How to Fix Separation Anxiety Separation anxiety is a tough issue to battle. Not only can it cause problems in your home (ie: constant barking or whining, destructive behavior, indoor accidents, etc.), but it’s not fun knowing that your dog is in distress and cannot feel comfortable on their own. Many dog owners think that … Continued

Dog on Dog Aggression

 Dog Trainer Virginia Beach Blog Aggressive dogs all seem to have their own special pet peeve. For some, that pet peeve is other dogs. They may growl, snap, or otherwise act out toward another dog within your own home (known as sibling aggression), or they may show aggression toward dogs passing by your window or … Continued

Lulu: Resource Guarding Case Study

Lulu: Resource Guarding Case Study Does your dog seem overly protective of his food or toys? Do you notice your dog standing close by to their food bowls when others are nearby? Or hovering over their bones as they fixate on you and every moment you make? If the answer to these questions is “yes”, … Continued

Jules & Toby: Sibling Aggression Case Study

Jules & Toby: Sibling Aggression Case Study No one likes it when family members fight. When we think of humans, we might think of our own families, with our arguments or debates during the holidays. In many ways, dogs have these “disagreements” as well. But what does one do when those disagreements become full-blown fights? … Continued

Hercules: Crate Training Case Study

Hercules: Crate Training Case Study  Throughout the years, I have met many dog owners who are averse to using crates for their dogs. Many people view crates as cages for their dogs, and confining them like that is deemed “mean” and in some cases, even “cruel”. It is no surprise there is this viewpoint in … Continued

Rex: Hyperactivity Case Study

Rex: Hyperactivity Case Study  While hyperactivity might seem like a minor behavioral issue, or something that will hopefully just go away, it is important for dog owners to acknowledge that it IS a behavioral issue in the first place. From there, we can then acknowledge the myth of dogs just “growing out” of their bad … Continued

Training for Aggressive Dogs at Hampton Roads

Training for Aggressive Dogs at Hampton Roads Canine aggression is easily the most serious canine behavior problem I handle. If a dog bites another dog, the owner will more than likely be held responsible for any resulting vet bills. If a dog bites a person, the owner may be held financially responsible and perhaps even … Continued

Rosie – Puppy Training Case Study

Rosie – Puppy Training Case Study  Many people don’t realize how beneficial puppy training is. While I admire puppy owners practicing self-reliance, attempting to train on their own, sometimes a professional touch can help, especially if a puppy is exhibiting more than just the typical puppy quirks (ie: indoor accidents, playful nipping, chewing on furniture, etc). … Continued

Bad Habits – We Can Fix Them!

Bad Habits – We Can Fix Them! While working with my friend, another dog trainer, we talked about how some people think hiring a dog trainer is only necessary if the dog has severe behavioral issues like aggression, separation anxiety, leash reactivity, or trouble housebreaking. However, I often get called in to help owners handle dogs … Continued

Your Dog Can’t Change Without Your Help!

Your Dog Can’t Change Without Your Help!  Is your dog’s behavior driving you (and others!) crazy?  Hiring a dog trainer will help, but the dog training process might look a little different than you think!  Most dog owners want their dog’s behavior to improve as soon as possible, and I don’t blame them. By the … Continued