Why Sign Up for Professional Dog Training?

Why Sign Up for Professional Dog Training? It is very possible to own a dog and never have to go through formal training. Depending on the temperament and personality of the dog, you may just have to teach it to go to the bathroom outside and to come when called. These dogs are known as … Continued

Why Dogs Resource Guard

Why Dogs Resource Guard Most dogs, to a certain extent, practice some type of resource guarding. For instance, if your dog hovers over their food bowl around dinner time when your cat strolls by, that is a form of resource guarding. Or perhaps your dog uses their entire body as a barrier, blocking another dog … Continued

Instilling Impulse Control

Instilling Impulse Control When your dog has more impulse control, they become more reliable in any sort of situation or environment. Impulse control is when your dog might have instincts or impulses, but they control them, typically by deferring to their owner’s leadership and guidance. This can help your dog avoid getting into any type … Continued

Setting The Foundation For a Well Behaved Dog

Setting The Foundation For a Well Behaved Dog  While at a dog training seminar we talked about how teaching your dog a solid set of behavioral rules might be the most crucial part of your time spent training your dog. If you’ve just adopted a new part of the family and are looking to begin fundamental … Continued

Why Do We Train the Owners Too?

Why Do We Train the Owners Too? While working with another dog trainer we discussed how every dog we encounter is different. Not only does each have a different personality or temperament; each also comes from a different home and lives with a different owner. All of these factors, temperament, home environment, and owner, make each … Continued

A Dog That’s TOO Protective

A Dog That’s TOO Protective  Dogs are great companions — they’re lovable, fun, they get us more active, and are loyal animals. With that loyalty, some dogs become protective of their families, which is certainly a perk for us. A dog that is protective can ward off any strange people from approaching us on the … Continued

Why We Work With Vets

Why We Work With Vets  As a dog trainer in Virginia Beach, I love getting to know and working with local veterinarians. People are often surprised that I have such a close working relationship with vets because they think of veterinarians as being exclusively involved with their dog’s health, but it’s a good idea to … Continued

We Can Help Older Dogs

We Can Help Older Dogs  Older dogs may require training for a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes, behavioral issues simply weren’t addressed when they were younger. Other times, new issues are due to age-related physical problems, such as arthritic pain that causes your dog to snap when touched or a weak bladder that causes a … Continued

Clive: Hyperactive Dog Case Study

Clive: Hyperactive Dog Case Study  Hyperactivity is a common problem for dogs, and it is one that can be treated fairly easily! Some will attribute hyperactivity to being part of age, where a young dog is supposed to be somewhat hyperactive. While they may have more energy than a geriatric dog, that doesn’t mean the … Continued

How To Welcome a New Dog To The Pack

How To Welcome a New Dog To The Pack Thinking about bringing another dog into your home? Are you thinking your dog needs a brother or sister to keep them company, broadening their socialization skills and minimizing their boredom? A new dog to your pack can be very fulfilling and beneficial to you and your … Continued